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Time to Lead

Angela Merkel and I do not agree on much. I think that the austerity programmes throughout Europe a quite harmful for the European project and the member states themselves. But I do admire her on one specific point: Her love for Europe and her determination to save the Euro and maybe also large parts of the EU as we know it. She admits that there a no EASY fixes, but that there are RIGHT fixes. Now we can differ on these, but she at least has some ideas on fixing Europe. It might be more Europe in the form of more fiscal integration, which might not be such a bad idea, when looking at the spillover effects of the crisis.

I want the large countries to take on more leadership and maybe use their energy talking UP Europe instead of talking it DOWN (UK I’m looking your way). The debate over the EU in Britain is quite pathetic. Euroscepticism, I respect, telling only part of the truth I do not. It is of course true, that Britain is paying a lot to the EU by being one the largest countries within. And this is where the argument stops. We are paying way too much. Where is the other side of argument? How much is Britain gaining by being a member of the Single Market? I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I do remember that the benefits out-way the costs. But why aren’t anyone talking up this point? The EU in many areas create win-win situations for member states, but no one bothers to tell their electorates that. Is it too complicated?

Lets stop pretending

I do believe, that the challenges the member states are facing are bigger than them. The sooner we all come to realise this, the sooner we can think of solutions. And if anyone thinks, that the solutions should be found within the member states, then I think they are dead-wrong. Why don’t we just agree that the EU is there and more importantly that it should be there. My message to all European leaders: Stop pretending, that you are bigger than the Community. Roll up your sleeves and give us some ideas on the future. We deserve it!

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